Mobile Money, Equatorial Guenea

MUAN along with MUNI Telco, at Equatorial Guenea have obtained the license to be Technology Provider as well as the host for the Mobile Wallet solution. This implementation is under development and implementation.


Although many of the end users / customers require USSD as the primary channel, client wanted to make this wallet available as “app” and becomes more interactive one instead of just monetary app.

So there is a need to provide social platform integration with this solution and offer bouquet of VAS services.


  • Created multiple channel delivery such as USSD, GPRS. Partial offline customer onboarding to beat internet unavailability challenges.
  • Created a powerful middleware back-end system for customer on-boarding and transaction operations. This has dedicated integration layer to connect to various other VAS & Banking systems. Integration with social media platforms.
  • Created Agents hierarchy for business management & monitoring
  • Merchant leg to enable small ticket payments as well as merchant hierarchy to manage chain of bigger merchants

Key Results

  • Agent Hierarchy & Merchant hierarchy helped monitor, manage and scale business by acquiring more agents & merchants faster.
  • Offer multiple services under single system through integration with banks and VAS providers
  • Social media integration attracts more customers to join this platform


  • USSD, Android, iOS
  • Spring boot, JPA/ Hibernet, Angular
  • MySql
  • JASPER – Reports
  • 3DES, RSA/AES – Encryptions