Cab Transport

Looking to Start a transport business? Want to manage your vehicle booking online? Here is the perfect Cab Transport Management platform for you


  • 9Real-time information sharing between all related parties
  • 9Booking and Synchronization with social networking apps
  • 9AI based solution to handle Security-related vulnerabilities effectively

Features of our platform

Few of the most important elements that are worth considering our solution, which Provides:

  • 9Vehicle and Driver Registration
  • 9GPS tracking system of Cabs
  • 9Payment gateway integration
  • 9User Interface setup
  • 9User detail upload and account setup
  • 9Integration with social networking websites for smooth login
  • 9Phone Booking on behalf of customer through customer support desk
  • 9Data sharing on the real-time basis
  • 9Connect between user and cab driver
  • 9Profile management of driver
  • 9Payment management for Drivers
  • 9Fare configuration and revenue collection system
  • 9Customer Analytics