Financial Inclusion (Branchless Banking), India

A Little World has an impressive track record of creating commercially viable innovative technology solutions and delivering multiple financial services at the lowest cost through mainstream financial institutions


  • To include ~ 70% of India’s unbanked population into the banking eco-system.
  • Lack of last mile connectivity.
  • Banks do not have the investment to open rural branches and sustain


  • Implemented Financial Inclusion system in 2006 (Enrolment and Transaction modules).
  • Enrolment using mobile/card application and biometric capturing devices.
  • Rendered transactions synonymous to ATM through Agents/POS in rural areas.
  • Enabled banking application on Mobile POS & Web.
  • Utilized niche technologies including NFC.


  • Banks quickly extended its services to the unbanked customers through Business Correspondent model and technology adaptation.
  • Introduced remote delivery of banking services.
  • 12 million+ customers enrolled in to the financial ecosystem till date.
  • 15,000 agents performing transactions
  • Reduced operational cost with minimal infrastructure.
  • System used by multiple Banks in India.
  • Card & Card-less transactions ensuring online/offline compatibility


  • J2ME, Android
  • J2EE, Spring, Hibernet, JSP
  • MySQL
  • JASPER – Reports
  • 3DES, RSA – Encryption/ Biometric
  • Integration to Core Banking System