Mobile Wallet

The wallet that exists on customers smart-phone instead of in their pocket. Our mobile wallet is an e-ticket with assured security and efficiency into the world of convenient financial transactions. The mobile wallet is, Virtual account linked to user’s mobile phone to which money electronically Credited or Debited


  • 9Telco -led and/or Bank-led system
  • 9Supports, secure multiple channels – SMS, USSD, Mobile Internet (GPRS / 3G), WhatsApp
  • 9Delivers a high-end user experience – Java, Android, iOS
  • 9M-commerce secure – 3DES standard encryption techniques
  • 9Flexibility – Compatibility with any type of handset


  • 9Alternative to cash
  • 9Transfer money
  • 9Easy to Use Interface
  • 9Pay for goods at stores
  • 9purchase airtime
  • 9Pay utility Bills
  • 9International Remittance