ERP Solutions


EasOfTech provides cost-effective, personalized support and maintenance that can provide savings of up to 70% of your ERP total cost of ownership.

Is the high cost of support limiting your innovation? According to Gartner, only 20% of a company’s IT operating budget is available for new IT initiatives. Moving your ERP support to a third-party support provider like EasOfTech Support will allow you to redeploy those funds or apply them to your bottom line.


Our ERP implementation Methodology is a modular and agile framework for new implementation or migration of ERP solutions that provides content and guidance for project teams. Built on our experience from many ERP projects, implementation Methodology provides pre-built content, accelerators, tools, and best practices that help project teams to deliver consistent and successful results across industries and customer environments.


At EasOfTech, we combine our knowledge of our customers and their markets with a deep ERP understanding to deliver simple, uncomplicated, outsourced ERP support services. In this complex, commoditised market, we differentiate by taking a wholly customer-centric approach. Our focused, transparent and flexible business model ensures sustained long-term customer relationships. If you choose to work with EasOfTech, you will be supported by a team of senior ERP consultants with many years’ industry experience.