With the growing population of 7.8 billion as it stands today to the 10 billion projected by the United Nations in 2057, the market size of Agriculture industry will only get significantly bigger as demand for food worldwide increases. In turn, this massive opportunity has generated tremendous global investment interests throughout its value chain.

Innovation via technology and digitalization have been seen as pragmatic solutions to help address some of the greatest challenges facing the global food and Agri system. Food demand is increasing. Suppliers are seeking for greater distribution and access to the regional or global supply chain. Customers are asking for food traceability, greater price transparency, as well as faster, round the clock access to information.


  • 9Easy other Systems integration
  • 9Supply chain automation
  • 9Analytics and insight


Hence our Agri-commerce platforms have emerged in an attempt to address these market needs.

  • 9Trading platforms to facilitate sale, leasing and/or rental of agriculture machinery and equipment;
  • 9Farmers-to-farmers or farmers-to-restaurants/retailers networks;
  • 9B2C retail and distribution of food and equipment;
  • 9B2B procurement of wholesale food, grocery and/or equipment marketplaces;
  • 9Direct sales platform for agriculture inputs, machinery and replacement parts;
  • 9Agriculture insurance and/or procurement financing
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