Mobile Wallet, Senegal

GIM-UEMOA, an interbank group founded in February 2003. aiming to promote the use of bank cards It has aggregated more than eighty banks in eight countries ( Senegal , Guinea-Bissau , Mali , Burkina Faso , Niger , Côte d’Ivoire , Togo and Benin ) representing a population of 80 million.


The eight countries affiliated to the central governing body have major unbanked and under banked population. High number of transactions take place through unauthorized channels leading to money laundering.


Deployed an efficient mobile wallet system that enables the citizens of 8 west African countries to transact with ease and confidence. The team has been innovative throughout the engagement and appreciate their timely deliverables. Now we have initiated discussions for next phases of implementation and integration to enhance our service offerings from the Banks to the citizens of these countries.”

Key Results

  • Increased service offerings and all banks can do customized offering to their customers
  • More citizens included into the financial eco system
  • Better and efficient ways to track transactions


  • J2ME, Android & USSD
  • J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, HTML
  • MySQL, Oracle
  • JASPER – Reports
  • 3DES, RSA – Encryption
  • Integration to Core Banking System