Industries Serviced

Customer Services Management

In the highly competitive customer support segment, offering differentiated services and exceeding customer expectations is the new norm . Adopting fast changing technology and consumer behaviour in accesing them is a key challenge. In order to build loyalty and drive profitability, institutions will need to innovate and offer engaging customer experiences.

What we offer

Modernise Legacy systems, integrate engaging digital solutions.
Improve business processes and operational efficiency.
Anywhere, anytime communications tool.
Reduce time to market and provide rapid scaling.
Services covering web, mobile, tablet platforms.


Retail industry has advanced multifold technologically. Customers demand interactive solutions over digital platforms and personalised experiences.

What We Offer

Enhance Pre/Post Sales Experiences.
Provide seamless omnichannel experiences.
Consumer behaviour insights and analytics.

Health Services

The fragmented healthcare industry is undergoing convergence and technology is driving the new ecosystem. The focus is on quality & affordable solutions.

What We Offer

Converged consumer-centric marketplace.
Leverage mobility for care delivery.
Transform patient administration.

Oil and Gas

View key performance indicators via dashboards, including use of time and resources, bottlenecks, sample turnaround times, and out-of-specifications samples.

What We Offer

Supplier management converging all stakeholders.

Customer management and project management.
Analyst certifications and training.
Resource planning and scheduling.

Businesses need modernised and secure mobile communication solutions to effecively provide customer engagement solutions to increase loyalty.

What We Offer

Advanced mobile payments capabilities.
Social business processes.
Payments integration architecture to support B2B & B2C.